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8 Mar 2017
Office for National Statistics
Cigarette smoking among adults including the proportion of people who smoke including demographic breakdowns, changes over time, and e-cigarettes...
8 Mar 2017
Clinical Cancer Research
Purpose: Breast cancer affects both genders, but is understudied in men. Although still rare, male breast cancer (MBC) is being diagnosed more...
8 Mar 2017
PNAS Journal
Protein phosphorylation is a major regulatory mechanism for many cellular functions, but no phosphoprotein in biofluids has been developed for...
8 Mar 2017
Cell Reports
Cellular senescence is an important in vivo mechanism that prevents the propagation of damaged cells. However, the precise mechanisms regulating...
7 Mar 2017
Nature Genetics
Adjacent CpG sites in mammalian genomes can be co-methylated owing to the processivity of methyltransferases or demethylases, yet discordant...