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21 Jul 2017
Breast Cancer Research
The underlying biological mechanisms through which epidemiologically defined breast cancer risk factors contribute to disease risk remain poorly...
17 Jul 2017
Scientific Reports
Pre-clinical and retrospective studies of patients using statins to reduce plasma cholesterol have suggested that statins may be useful to treat...
10 Jul 2017
Queen's University Belfast
Monitoring trends in cancer incidence is essential if high quality cancer services are to be maintained and resourced. Trends for all cancers (...
10 Jul 2017
British Journal of Cancer
Background: Urothelial bladder cancer (UBC) is characterised by a high risk of recurrence. Patient monitoring is currently based on iterative...
10 Jul 2017
Nature Journal
T cells directed against mutant neo-epitopes drive cancer immunity. However, spontaneous immune recognition of mutations is inefficient. We recently...