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12 Jul 2011
Public Health Agency
During the reporting period, eligible women in Northern Ireland, aged 20-64, were invited for cervical screening every five years. The aim of...
1 May 2011
Northern Ireland Cancer Network
This policy applies to the use of intrathecal cytotoxic chemotherapy agents in paediatric, adolescent and adult patients throughout the BHSCT:...
25 Mar 2011
Northern Ireland Cancer Network
Summary of Workshop, 25th March 2011   
1 Feb 2011
Public Health Agency
This poster highlights how passive smoking increases your risk of lung cancer, heart disease, asthma and stroke.  
18 Aug 2010
Public Health Agency
The Sunbeds campaign communicates the long term health effects of sunbeds, including skin cancer and pre-mature ageing, to sunbed users and the wider...