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7 Nov 2017
National Cancer Registry of Ireland
This is the 22 nd annual statistical report of the National Cancer Registry. This report summarises cancer incidence, mortality and survival in...
7 Nov 2017
JAMA Internal Medicine
In cancer models, warfarin inhibits AXL receptor tyrosine kinase–dependent tumorigenesis and enhances antitumor immune responses at doses not...
6 Nov 2017
NCRI Cancer Conference
The model was shown to robustly classify both progressive and non-progressive samples with an AUC of 79% using default cutoffs. At the pathological...
3 Nov 2017
Pre-clinical mouse models suggest that the gut microbiome modulates tumor response to checkpoint blockade immunotherapy; however, this has not been...
2 Nov 2017
Public Health England
Executive summary of quality assurance (QA) visit in North Central London held on 15 November 2016.   Click here to read the '...