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1 Aug 2005
The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)
The purpose of this guidance is to provide recommendations on service provision for children and young people with malignant disease, based...
16 Aug 2017
Public Health England
Details of the data sets held by the National Cancer Registration and Analysis Service, including descriptive information.   Please...
16 Aug 2017
Biomedical applications of magnetic nanoparticles under the influence of a magnetic field have been proved useful beyond expectations in cancer...
16 Aug 2017
Cancer Research UK
The latest data available for most cancers in the UK are: incidence 2013, mortality 2014 and survival 2010-11. Source years are specified in...
16 Aug 2017
Cancer Research Journal
Much effort has been dedicated to developing circulating tumor cells (CTC) as a noninvasive cancer biopsy, but with limited success as yet. In this...