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13 Apr 2016
The Telegraph
Scanning technology could be used to reveal if a cancer drug is working within just days of a patient's treatment beginning. Please click...
13 Apr 2016
Cancer Research UK
Knowing what causes bowel cancer can help you to reduce your risk of getting it. Find out about how bowel cancer starts, possible causes and what you...
13 Apr 2016
Science Daily
Infertility and hormonal fertility treatments may influence the amount of dense tissue in the breast, a risk factor for breast cancer, according to a...
12 Apr 2016
Belfast Telegraph
Known as the ‘silent killer’ cervical cancer kills one in 1,000 women in the UK every year. At present the NHS only offers smear tests to women over...
12 Apr 2016
The Belfast Telegraph
A former Irish League footballer who won his battle with testicular cancer but thought he could never have children again celebrated the birth of his...