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6 Apr 2016
NUI Galway
The venom from a false black widow spider known as the Steatoda nobilis is being researched for the first time at NUI Galway for its therapeutic...
5 Apr 2016
Cancer Research UK
In the summer of 2015, we launched a new funding scheme called the Pioneer Award, to support innovative science. We’re encouraging researchers...
5 Apr 2016
Cancer Research UK
In January, England’s Chief Medical Officer, Professor Dame Sally Davies, unveiled the Government’s new alcohol guidelines. Please click here to...
5 Apr 2016
Royal Society for Public Health
RSPH warns that the UK public is under-sleeping by an average of almost an hour every night – which amounts to losing an entire night’s sleep over...
4 Apr 2016
The Scotsman
Children with cancer in Scotland will be offered genetic testing for their tumours as part of a major UK-wide programme. Please click here to read...