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26 Nov 2015
Macmillan Cancer Support
Macmillan Cancer Support and Cruse Bereavement Care are using their combined expertise to provide bereavement support for people who have lost a...
26 Nov 2015
Cancer Research UK
The rate of children dying from cancer has dropped by 24 per cent in the last decade*, according to new figures published by Cancer...
26 Nov 2015
Belfast Live
After refusing chemo and surgery, he must now travel abroad to get the weekly natural treatment he says has boosted his health and given him quality...
26 Nov 2015
Nursing in Practice
 Current diagnostic tests for prostate cancer can give false negatives and false positives and are therefore currently unsuitable for a national...
26 Nov 2015
Prostate Cancer UK
NICE decision to approve radium-223 only for those men who've already had chemotherapy leaves access for men unsuitable for chemo in doubt. Please...