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4 Nov 2015
Irish Health
It is already known that having children can reduce a woman's risk of developing ovarian cancer. However a new study has found that the number of...
4 Nov 2015
Public Health Agency
Sunbeds are a popular way to top up a fading summer tan or to get one in time for the Christmas party season, but with evidence of health risks...
1 Nov 2015
The Scientist
Obese people are at higher risk for developing cancer, have worse prognoses once diagnosed, and are often resistant to chemotherapy regimens. The...
12 Oct 2015
Cancer Research UK
Seven months ago we set about finding the biggest challenges in cancer research.  The world’s best scientific minds worked together with...
6 Oct 2015
UTV News
The parents of a Belfast girl with leukaemia have appealed for white, Middle Eastern and Turkish people to help her beat cancer by registering to be...