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22 Jan 2016
Cancer Research UK
Bowel cancer is more likely to be diagnosed at the earliest stage if it is picked up by screening, according to new figures* released by Cancer...
20 Jan 2016
The Irish Health
Many Irish people appear to have a lack of awareness about the dangers of lung cancer, new research suggests. Please click here to read the 'Irish...
20 Jan 2016
The Independent
Over 331,000 people are diagnosed with cancer in the UK each year. Telling cancer patients to “take it easy” may cause them to miss out on the...
20 Jan 2016
NHS Choices
"Excess calories 'turn off a hormone in the intestine that blocks colon cancer'," the Mail Online reports. Please click here to read 'NHS Choices...
20 Jan 2016
ITV News
A survey of more than 400 GPs found 97% struggled to detect the cancer, even in cases with clear symptoms. Please click here to read the 'ITV News...