Meet the team

Dr Martin Eatock
Medical Director, Northern Ireland Cancer Network
Consultant/Honorary Senior Lecturer in Medical Oncology, Northern Ireland Cancer Centre, Belfast City Hospital

Dr Eatock qualified in medicine from the University of Edinburgh and trained in Oncology in Manchester and Glasgow. He took up post as a Consultant and Honorary Senior Lecturer in Medical Oncology in Belfast in 2000 and is an active member of the Upper Gastro-intestinal, Hepato-pancreatobiliary and Neuro-endocrine tumour teams. He has clinical and research interests in gastro-intestinal cancer and drug development and is currently chief investigator for a number of national and international clinical trials in upper GI malignancy. Dr Eatock was appointed as Medical Director to the Northern Ireland Cancer Network in 2012 and has overseen the re-development of the Network since then with an expansion in the network site specific groups and the introduction of Peer Review of the Cancer Network and Cancer MDTs in Northern Ireland.  Outside of Medicine he is a keen cyclist.

Lisa McWilliams   
​Network Manger

Lisa McWilliams is the Network Manager - with a focus on the strategic and operational management of the managed clinical network.  Lisa is a member of the HSCB/PHA Cancer Commissioning Team.   Lisa oversees all Network Programmes/Projects and has line management responsibility for all Network Team members

Lisa is the Network Lead for the Peer Review Programme, HSCB/PHA Review of Chemotherapy Services and the Review of DHSSPS’s Cancer Service Framework. 


Joy Beaumont
RISOH Project Manager

Joy Beaumont is the project manager of the Regional Information System for Oncology and Haematology.  This project aim is to identify and implement a regionally effective clinical information system that will among other things facilitate electronic prescribing and allow standardisation of treatment regimens.  Her specific role is to lead the development and implementation of the system throughout the region within the agreed parameters using Prince2 methodology.  Joy has an ICT background having worked for South Eastern Trust for many years.


Mary Jo Thompson
Cancer Nurse Consultant

Mary Jo joined NICaN in 2011 as the Regional Programme Manager for transforming cancer follow-up. In November 2013 she took up post as Nurse Consultant with the Public Health Agency and is based within NICaN. Her areas of responsibility include programme lead for transforming cancer follow-up, cancer nursing and palliative and end of care. She is a member of the HSCB/PHA cancer commissioning team. Prior to joining NICaN she worked in Southern Trust as Lead CNS within colorectal/stomaDescription: care nursing. She has published widely within this field of expertise and enjoys working with others and has maintained her keen interest in practice development. 


Deborah Kerr
Macmillan Service Improvement Lead - Oncology

(Deborah is a therapy radiographer and was initially seconded from BHSCT in 2013 to the Network as a Clinical Network Coordinator with responsibility for various tumour groups.  In late October 2014 Deborah began a new post in the Network as Macmillan Service Improvement Lead – Oncology.

Part of this role is to facilitate the implementation of an Acute Oncology Service in the Region working closely with Trust staff and HSCB officers.  Deborah is also the Clinical Coordinator for the Lung and Haematology Network Site Specific Groups.  These network groups bring clinicians, managers and patient representatives together to work on service improvement.  Along with Mary Haughey, Deborah shares responsibility for the following groups; Upper GI, Brain and CNS, Head & Neck, Melanoma and Complex Skin Cancer and Thyroid.  A main focus of the Network Site Specific Groups in 2014 has been supporting and facilitating the Peer Review of Cancer MDTs in Northern Ireland.


Darren McKinley
TYA Project Manager

Darren is the Teenage and Young Adult Project Manager within NICaN.  He is currently on a career break from the charity, Cancer Fund for Children to work on this finite piece of work.  Working with Teenagers and Young Adults with cancer for over three years motivated him to apply his knowledge to this theme.

The role includes supporting the development of a regional Teenage and Young Adult cancer service in Northern Ireland.  The work aims to coordinate a collaborative approach across paediatric and adults cancer services and the community and voluntary sector to meet the needs of teenagers and young adults with cancer in Northern Ireland.


Amanda Lancashire
Administrative Assistant

Amanda is the provider of administrative support to the Network Team and is the main point of contact for the Network.  Amanda has previously worked for 8 years in the Trust as a medical secretary.