Acute Oncology AOS

Acute Oncology is a new service to Northern Ireland which aims to improve patient outcomes and experience.  HSCB/PHA funding was approved in late 2014; Trust recruitment for Acute Oncologists and Acute Oncology Nurses commenced in spring 2015.  Macmillan Cancer Support is providing initial funding for Acute Oncology Nursing.

This can be summarised as the management of:

  • Suspect cancers
  • Acutely presenting new cancers
  • Systemic anti-cancer treatments and radiotherapy toxicities
  • Acute cancer related complications from disease progression such as metastatic spinal cord compression

Following the appointment of the Acute Oncology staff NICaN will establish an Acute Oncology Clinical Reference Group.  This group will have representation from Trust Acute Oncology Teams, PHA, HSCB, AHPs and PPIs.

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